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 Why Should I Buy a Water Filter?

Are you one of those people still saying, why should I buy a water   filter

Those of you that continue to refuse to see that the level of  contamination in our water supply may one day wake up to the harsh realization that because of your lack initiative in guaranteeing the quality of your water, one of your family members has fallen ill.  You may think that I am exaggerating about the current state of our drinking water, but I assure you that I am not.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution we have allowed up to 80,000 chemical agents to enter our ground water system, and poison the water in our reservoirs.  Each glass of water that you draw from your unfiltered tap could contain any number of these toxic chemicals.  There are over 2,000 chemicals found present in our water supplies that have positively identified as being carcinogenic.

Still saying, why should I buy a water filter? 

Well, then you might want to consider the fact that just over the course of the last hundred years or so the rate of cancer has jumped from 1 out of every 50 people developing the disease, to one out of every 2.5.  Considering that this astronomical leap happened over such a short time span you can see the correlation between the beginning of the chemical age and the declining state of our health.

Did you know that no matter how high the water quality in your region is rated you are still guaranteed to ingest at least one carcinogen every time you drink from your tap?  Chlorine and chloramines are the two agents primarily used to disinfect the water that we drink, and both are potent carcinogens.  So, even what they put in your water to protect you is capable of causing you serious harm.

After learning all of that are you still asking why should I buy a water filter? 

Maybe you have become convinced like many that the municipal water treatment facilities are well equipped for removing the threatening contaminants from your drinking water.  The truth is that the water treatment facilities are only equipped to remove particulates from your water, and are incapable of stopping chemicals agents and disinfectant resistant microbes from reaching your home.

You need to install a home drinking water purification system in your home in order to remove the surviving parasites and toxic contaminants from your drinking water.  This system should feature a multi media block, an activated granular carbon filter, an ion exchange, and a sub micron filter.  These are all of the tools that you need in order to remove up to 99.99% of all of the harmful elements present in your water.

Why Should I Buy a Water Filter? 

whole house water filtration system 

You should buy one to ensure that your family is getting the purest possible water in order to protect them from the ill effects that the contaminants in your water could have on their health. 

 Only you can keep your family safe, and installing a water purification system is the only way to guarantee their good health.  

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